Shine Brighter, Go Solar

About Propmed

We can make the planet cleaner
Let's work together for the earth.

PropMed focuses on solar system integration. We provide the best solutions to our clients. We take care of everything: site survey, customized system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, production full insight and control.

PropMed is more than just a solar solutions provider; we are visionaries committed to transforming Morocco's energy landscape. Our journey began with a passion for sustainability and a drive to harness the power of the sun for a brighter future.


We are unwavering in our commitment to clean, renewable energy solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment.
We thrive on collaborative partnerships, believing that together, we can achieve more.
We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency and trust in all our dealings.

Our Team

Meet the driving force behind PropMed, a dedicated team of 
professionals with a shared commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions through solar installations.
Explore the expertise and vision of our key team members:



With more than a decade of expertise at GE Power, Otman has served as a Site Commissioning Manager and technical advisor , leading mega projects such as the MBR Solar Park Phase III in Dubai (200 MW) and Benban Solar Project in Egypt (50 MW) among worldwide Marine, oil & gas field service interventions.



With a leadership tenure at Chantiers Internationaux Modernes and SGDM Construction, Abderrazzak brings a wealth of experience in engineering and overseeing and managing large-scale construction and infrastructure projects..



A seasoned former Business Research Analyst, Marouane excels in understanding client challenges and crafting dedicated solutions tailored to their needs. Marouane's ability to navigate market intricacies ensures informed decision-making for solar projects.


At PropMed, we envision a future where sustainable solar energy powers the growth and prosperity of Morocco and beyond. Our vision is to be at the forefront of this renewable energy revolution, delivering innovative and reliable solar solutions that illuminate a brighter, greener tomorrow.


Our mission is to lead the way in advancing solar energy adoption in Morocco by providing tailored, high-quality solar installations for farms, plants and businesses. With a team of dedicated experts and a deep understanding of the Moroccan market, we are committed to delivering efficient solar solutions. We aim to build a sustainable future powered by the sun, one step at a time.