Residential Solar System

Keep the food in the fridge fresh, the room is bright and the air conditioner is working. Special customized system to meet the needs of home owners to achieve 24/7 hours of power supply.

What can  solar electricity carry to your home?

It represents a top way of life. The advantages you can get with the aid of putting in a PropMed SOLAR device are RELIABILITY & AFFORDABILITY, which may additionally be the smartest long-term funding you can make in your home.
Many people are not only spending greater time working from home but also and living at home which implies huge electricity consumption. Light are on during the night, fresh foods are in the fridge, water is running, there is no extra power generator noise. It’s simply a luxury life. What can solar electricity brings to your daily life? It represents a top way of life. The advantages PropMed Solar system gives you are RELIABILITY & AFFORDABILITY, and this is the smartest one time investment you can make.

Why PropMed?

0 distance

Online and onsite service

installation technical support

24 hours

Energy storage

Uninterrupted electricity

Enough Is The Best

PropMed solar system can make you save 90% electricity bill,provide you 24hours electricity. You just need to provide the power of water pump/air conditioner/freezer/motor such inductive loads or an electricity bill to us, and then we can customize a solar system for your home.


High quality customized systems with Effortless set up

Easy to install and control your own energy production

High Quality

The highest efficient solar panel in the market, save your installation area, With 15 years of industry experience, solving household electricity in more than 160 countries.

Manufactured by leading companies

PropMed provides professional power saving solutions for home users, and solves the problem of power shortage. It realizes complete accessories design and detailed installation instructions, so that every user can easily benefits from the solar energy for their own houses, Every component is designed to work together, you don’t need to buy other accessories at local.

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Design a photovoltaic machine answer that suits your domestic primarily based on your electrical energy utilization and load, roof type.